Safeguarding cultural heritage in Rhodes. #CopernicusSatelliteData

#Copernicus is the #EarthObservationProgramme of the #EuropeanUnion.

“In the Greek island of Rhodes, the Ephorate of Antiquities is particularly concerned about the impacts of geo-hazards on cultural heritage, as the island is subject to soil movements and is situated in a seismic area. In the area of Rodini, some monuments are showing signs of collapse and need to be monitored. The Ephorate is relying on Copernicus data to monitor soil deformation around the monuments and to plan measures to secure and restore them.

Copernicus is the Earth Observation Programme of the European Union looking at our planet and its environment for the benefit of global citizens. Five Copernicus missions are currently in orbit. The data they provide enable six information services free and openly accessible, that can be used by private, public and international organisations to improve life on Earth.

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