New Year Goals? Use a Personal Leadership System® | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche | @DrLepervanche

New Year Goals?  Use a Personal Leadership System® | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche | @DrLepervanche

Management of Personal Systems. Extreme Time Management. A Personal Leadership System®. Overview. Time is one thing in the world that we cannot change. Information, communications, family, friends, and work overload our time. We fill our day with activities that overwhelm our capacity to handle them. We need extreme time management methods to cope with stress, un-productivity, and procrastination. Is not about multi-tasking, it is about packed-tasking.

Materials from: ETM101 -- Extreme Time Management: A Personal Leadership System

Time survivors keep them busy without losing sanity. Busy people always have time to do more. Lazy people always complain about the things they cannot do. Managers select busy people when assembling successful teams.

The Personal Leadership System® developed by Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche ( based on beliefs, values, priorities, lifelong project management, effective delegation, and technology usage to simplify life and work. Create your personal vision, do your personal SWOT analysis, create SMART goals, and follow your action plan.

This is a great tool for achievable New Year resolutions.

What are your vision and goals for this new year? How is technology helping you to keep track of your educational, professional, and personal goals?

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