A delightful way to teach kids about computers | Linda Liukas | TEDxCERN

A delightful way to teach kids about computers | Linda Liukas | TEDxCERN

Computer code is the next universal language, and its syntax will be limited only by the imaginations of the next generation of programmers. Linda Liukas is helping to educate problem-solving kids, encouraging them to see computers not as mechanical, boring and complicated but as colorful, expressive machines meant to be tinkered with. In this talk, she invites us to imagine a world where the Ada Lovelaces of tomorrow grow up to be optimistic and brave about technology and use it to create a new world that is wonderful, whimsical and a tiny bit weird.

Discussion: How are you incorporating innovative problem-solving tools to teach the next generation of leaders? How are you using these skills at work?

Video link: http://www.ted.com/talks/linda_liukas_a_delightful_way_to_teach_kids_about_computers


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  1. I agree with the presenter that computers do not have to be esoteric and mysterious. I dont agree that theyre not mechanical (and i feel like throwing “mechanical” under the bus to make computing more comfortable is just way to keep children out of an interest in mechanisms) and I certainly dont agree that theyre not “magical,” even when you know how they work.

    But to make them less mysterious is a good thing– perhaps the essence of teaching. I would love to see more work done with languages, so that everyone can get a “kit” to make their “own” language, even at a level before high school. The way this is done is normally esoteric, but if everyone could make a toy language with a toy language kit, it would certainly grow the interest in not just coding but languages. How to create such a kit is something Ive thought about for years.

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